Call for Applications

Call for Applications: Training of Solar PV system 

The most problematic issue faced in solar PV system projects nowadays are: low performance and poor operational conditions and this issue has raised due to poor site selection, system design fault, frequent equipment failure, low solar irradiation access, unplanned grid failure or equipment mismatching. Some of these issues are external and often not in the hands of the system designer but most of them are due to poor design practices, inadequate installation planning and/or incomplete understanding of the technical requirements.

The training will be held under the Convenio2018, namely, “Contribute to Improving the Resilience of vulnerable rural communities in West Bank and Gaza to enable their access to rights in a sustainable and equitable manner”, funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) through Social Promotion Foundation (FPS), and jointly implemented by the Agricultural Relief Association (PARC) & Rural Women´s Development Society (RWDS).


This training will provide a comprehensive overview of application of the solar energy systems, the impact of Integrating PV system (on-grid/off-grid solar system) into national electricity grids, with focus on the use of software for the design of solar PV systems.


Key topics

The training will include the following:

Theoretical part. 11 days, either 8 hours per day in the case of face to face training or 4 hours per day in the case of online training, covering the topics of: System Design, modelling, Installation & Maintenance provides detailed technical information and systematic methodology for modelling, design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of grid-connected solar PV systems

Practical part. The selected students will be granted with a 3-month internship in a Renewable Energy: solar energy specialized company

At the end of training, the students will prepare and present their innovative ideas in the field of solar PV energy, which can be submitted as individual or as group of participants, to be evaluated by an expert committee. The ones obtaining the highest scoring will be financially supported by the Program.



To provide the participants with proper knowledge on the principles and practices of renewable energy through completing an examination and fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct.

To award special recognition to those who have innovative ideas in renewable energy and who have demonstrated a high level of competence and potential sustainable business models in renewable energy by contributing financially to their creation of the presented projects



Applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Degree level: Bachelor`s degree required

Degree field: Electrical or solar energy engineer, working on solar PV or grid networking

Experience: fresh graduate or 1 year of experience of work in this area

Additional info may be required to proof motivation and basic knowledge in the topic (i.e.  Certifications/files/previous training records/motivation letter, etc…)

Command of English is mandatory (all material and lessons will be in English)

Women are highly encouraged to apply to this training program.


Eligible applicants are invited to submit their applications along with the scanned copies of required documents mentioned in Form I (Registration form) not later than 27/12/2020

When you apply you need to attach the required documents as below:-

Fill the registration form I on link below:

Registration Form I

Required document to be uploaded on link below:

Curriculum Vitae in English, provided with date and signature, to present your qualifications, experience and skills, effectively and clearly;

A scan of the original University degree

A Motivation Letter in English (maximum 750 words). In the letter, the candidate should explain how past experiences have prepared him/her for participation in Emotion, how this training is likely to improve his or her own career perspectives, and why the candidate is interested in this training. Note that handwritten letters are NOT accepted;

Other applied certification/files that explain their knowledge and previous training course

Please send your documents link below:

Registration Form II (Create a file in your name that contains all the required files and send it to the e-mail in a compressed format (.rar), Max size 10 MB)




The applied application and documents will be reviewed by selection committee

Applicants are ranked according to the following:

Assessment of the academic merit range from 0 to 4 Assessment of experience range from 0 to 2.5 Assessment of the motivation letter range from 0 to 3.5 .

The top candidates will be invited for an interview by tele-conference with the Selection Committee.

Selected candidates will be divided in two lists, the main and the reserve lists

The nominated intern students will be informed by email and they will get a pocket money

Some innovative ideas will be financing for implementation