Monitoring the damages caused to farmers due to the opening of water dams from the Israeli side on agricultural land in the eastern region of the Gaza Strip

Gaza/PARC,  on Wednesday 20/01/2021 PARC field officer witnessed  the opening of dams that collect rain water by the Israeli side towards agricultural lands in eastern of Gaza City, in the Shujaia area, this was through the Cement pipes, which resulted in the sinking of many agricultural lands, as the high water level in agricultural areas reached about one and a half meters to two meters, and the flowing water from dams reached very long distances within the agricultural lands in the eastern region.

Fayez Sukkar is a 42 years old farmer who was affected by the flood . He stated that new areas of his land were damaged by the flood for the first time .Although other parts of his land were previously destroyed in January 2020 .

PARC provided Fayez with the needed support to compensate his lost . He was provided with production  inputs to enable him to cultivate his land .

It should be noted that the Israeli occupation repeatedly opens dams in the eastern regions. This leads to a massive surge of water which flood farmers' crops and inflicts heavy damage on agricultural lands.