Humanitarian work to protect the population in Area C

Investor :

Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP)

Target Groups :

Bedouins and secondary education high schools

Target Area :

North Jordan Valley: Al Hima, Al Faresia, Al Hadeidia, Makhoul, Al Malih, Ein El Holwa, Atouf, Himsa Tahta, Thora`an A`wad, Tayaseer, Biseleh, Sho`bit El Jofa, Bardala, Ein El bida, Tamoun

Goals :
  1. Supply and installation of 183 1.5m3 polyethylene storage tanks in 6 communities in Area C (91 families).
  2. Rehabilitation of 27 communal rainwater harvesting tanks from Roman era in 6 communities in Area C.
  3. Accompaniment and support at the household level in cleaning and maintenance of storage and rainwater harvesting facilities in 6 communities in Area C.
  4. Rehabilitation of the drinking water system in 3 secondary education high schools in Area B + 15 water tanks of 1,5m3 (5 per high school).
  5. Rehabilitation and enlargement of sanitary blocks in 3 secondary education high schools in Area B.
  6. Conducting awareness sessions on the rational use of water and good hygiene practices, and training sessions on the operation and maintenance of water supply and sanitary toilet facilities.
  7. Installation of reinforced concrete bases in 40 shelters in 6 communities in Area C.
Start Date : 01-06-2016
End Date : 01-06-2017