Promote sustainable agricultural production of small and medium scale farmers in the West Bank

Investor :

Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura (FPSC)

Target Groups :
  • Farmers living on irrigated agriculture. They are small and medium production, with land between 5 and 20 dunums (one dunum is 0.1 hectares).
  • Rural families, especially those headed by women heads of their homes: they are poor families with higher unemployment rate that depend on domestic production to ensure food security for its members.
Target Area :

Tulkarem and Qaliqilya Governorates

Goals :
  1. Reclamation of 500 dunums of agricultural lands
  2. Opening  and Rehabilitation of 10 km of agricultural roads
  3. Develop 25 home garden and grant them small projects
  4. Support 4 women cooperatives and give them their own projects
  5. Logistic support for 3 farmers associations
  6. Establish a factory compost
  7. The development of three treatment plants
  8. Constructing 16 km irrigation systems group
  9. Work on 3 Exhibitions , 3 campaigns, 3 seminars
  10. Awareness publications for school students
  11. Training for farmers, women and work exchange visits
Start Date : 01-12-2014
End Date : 30-11-2022