Innovative Demonstration on Sustainable Integrated Management of Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Use in North West Bank - Palestine (SWIM)2

Partners :
  1. Birziet University
  2. Palestine EcoSan
Target Groups :
  1. 800 rural families
  2. 50 small to middle size farmers
  3. village council and joint service council
  4. staff of PARC and Birzeit university
  5. school students
  6. members of water user association
  7. unemployed workers in Anin
Target Area :

Anin village

Goals :
  1. Management of rural wastewater and environment in a sustainable and socioeconomic manner. Achieving self-sufficiency of the pilot through use of appropriate treatment technologies, solar energy supplement, a structured and phased permitting plan, and synergy with reuse elements and energy supplement.
  2. Adaptation and resilience of rural farmers in targeted village to water related impact of climate change by promoting demand and access to additional water resources and irrigated area for agricultural purposes using reclaimed wastewater. Self-sufficiency, increased productivity and added value of this pilot will be ensured through the use of appropriate irrigation technologies and well-structured Water User Association (WUA).
  3. Enhancing the; awareness, technical and institutional capacity of farmers groups, public service providers, and local and regional authorities in the field of wastewater treatment and reuse.
Start Date : 01-02-2017
End Date : 31-01-2020