Driving Changes toward Growth & Peace In Agricultural Sector in Palestine

Investor :

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg - Grand Dutch

Partners :


Target Groups :

The project has been directly targeting 5 groups of beneficiaries; Farmers, CBO's, agronomists, PARC’s volunteers, and students.

  • Target groups was directly affected by the program, these are:
    • 1. (120) newly graduated agronomists
Target Area :

Gobernorates in West Bank and Gaza Strip

Goals :
  1. Training Program for 130 newly agricultural engineering graduates in both West Bank and Gaza
  2. Capacity Building for cooperatives
  3. Implement 12 Agricultural demos 
  4. Establishment and support of 17 environmental clubs in schools 
  5. Organic Agriculture Program and local seeds: licensing the Agriculture certificates for 206 farmers that own 108 dunums
  6. Lobbying and advocacy campaigns
  7. Volunteer training program for 60 volunteers
Start Date : 01-12-2013
End Date : 30-12-2016