Wujood: Strengthening the resilience of vulnerable Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem

Investor :

European Union & Oxfam

Partners :

Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), Palestinian Counseling Center (PCC) and Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC)

Target Groups :

Youth, volunteers, parents, women, people with disabilities, school and university students, teachers, CBOs, women vulnerable to IHL violations, and legal, social and health professionals

Target Area :

Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT); five neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem:

  1. Old City
  2. Sur Baher
  3. Esawiyyeh
  4. Al-Tur
  5. Silwan.
Goals :
  • ER 1: The five targeted communities in East Jerusalem are prepared to respond to emergencies through an established and coordinated emergency response mechanism.
  • ER 2: East Jerusalem communities have improved awareness on women’s rights and gender equality and support women claiming their rights.
  • ER 3: Women in East Jerusalem have increased skills, resources and knowledge to undertake income generating activities.
  • ER 4: The identity of young Palestinian men and women in East Jerusalem is promoted and strengthened.
  • ER 5: MEAL capacity of consortium partners is strengthened
Start Date : 01-04-2016
End Date : 31-03-2019