The Israeli occupation uprooted more than 2000 olive trees in Deir Balout, also attacking PARC’s project


Early morning hundreds of solders supported by civil administration attacked the livelihoods and olives groves/ fields in the western part of the Deir Balout in the Salfteet gouvernante. With heavy bulldozered destroyed, uprooted, and confiscated around 2000 olive trees. Moreover, the destroyed 300 donums.

Nevertheless, the Israeli aggression targeted previous land reclamation project implemented by Agricultural Development Association (PARC) and funded by AEXCID. all the above was reported by the CPC (community protection committees),

We in PARC condemn this aggression and urge the donor community to take the necessarily steps in protecting Palestinian livelihoods, that are supported and financed by the donor community.

This aggression is a stark violation of human rights and international laws.