The occupation forces attacked Agricultural Development Association (PARC) projects in Al-Buqai’a Plain in the northern Jordan Valley


The occupation forces attacked the workers in the project "Enhancing Farmers Resilience by Improving Food Security for Most Vulnerable Families in the Jordan Valley", where work is being done on a project to install water pipes for farmers.

The project coordinator at Agricultural Development Association (PARC), Omar Subuh, stated that the occupation forces and officers of the so-called Civil Administration raided the work site in the project and detained the workers and confiscated their identity cards in addition to confiscating a welding machine and the contractor's car. He added that the occupation forces raided the work site yesterday evening, but did not succeed in confiscating equipment and machinery.

Agricultural Relief has recently monitored a remarkable increase in the number of attacks on its projects, especially in the Jordan Valley and areas classified as C, which threatens the beginning of the occupation taking practical steps to implement annexation, which calls for concerted efforts and investment in strengthening the steadfastness of citizens in these areas and not leaving them prey to the ambitions of the occupation