Target Groups

  • Individual Services

Small and medium farmers working in rain fed and irrigated agriculture, while giving the priority for those working in the marginalized areas and area C (according to the Oslo agreement), Jerusalem and Jordan Valley, and the areas affected by the separation and annexation wall. Special attention will begiven to rural women, focusing on those working in agriculture, to empower them politically, socially and economically.

PARC will also work with youth, especially those working in agriculture and will encourage their engagement in this sector, and will work also with the marginalized groups in the rural areas especially the unemployed.

  • Collective Services

PARC will target farmers, women and the youth associations, organizations, and cooperatives to enhance their governance and to develop their areas of action/work. This way, they will be able to become more effective in helping the target groups and communities, to attain a leading role in building the Palestinian civil society and the Palestinians living in the shataat Diaspora.

Moreover PARC will promote the civil and political rights for the Palestinian marginalized communities; especially the rights to return and compensation in collaboration with civil institutions in the Arab world interested in the exchange of knowledge and successful development models. Moreover PARC will target the Palestinians in the shataat (Diaspora) and movements of peace and solidarity with the Palestinian people locally and abroad.